Say Goodbye πŸ‘‹ to Onboarding Hassles

You’ve got enough on your plate as a web agency, SEO agency, or SMMA owner.

Why spend countless hours setting up communication channels, filling out onboarding forms, and managing tedious processes?

Introducing our Automated Onboarding Chatbot

Your secret weapon for a streamlined, efficient, and delightful client experience.


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Increase in customer retention

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Your chatbot does the technical on-boarding

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The many benefits of an AI on-boarding assistant

Here is what our technical client on-boarding smart assistant has to offer to your web agency and your clients

The Ultimate Time-Saver

Imagine freeing up your valuable hours and redirecting that time towards what really matters – prospecting, selling, and growing your business.

Our chatbot automates those repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, so you don’t have to.

A Seamless Experience for Your Clients

You want to impress your clients from the get-go, right? Our chatbot ensures a professional, consistent, and seamless onboarding process. No steps missed, no information lost – just a smooth ride for your new clients.

Always Available, Day or Night

Your clients can kick off the onboarding process whenever it suits them best.

Our chatbot is ready 24/7 to assist and capture all the necessary details.

Integrated and Organised

By connecting to Slack, your CRM, Airtable, or online sheets, our chatbot keeps all client information neatly organised and easily accessible for your team.

Scalable and Future-Proof

As your business grows, your chatbot grows with you. Handle an increasing influx of new clients without breaking a sweat or adding extra resources.

The Human Touch

While the chatbot handles the initial stages with efficiency, we make sure to seamlessly blend in the human element when it matters most. Schedule those all-important follow-up calls and meetings effortlessly.

"Our goal was to create a solution that not only streamlines the onboarding process but also empowers agencies to focus on what they do bestβ€”building strong, lasting relationships with their clients."

Matt Brendan

Matt Brendan

Lead developer

client on boarding done right

Here's How It Works

  1. Initial Contact: The chatbot engages with your new clients, gathers essential information, and sets the stage for a smooth onboarding journey.
  2. Information Collection: Say goodbye to scattered client details or forms. Our chatbot collects and organises all the necessary data accurately and promptly.
  3. Resource Sharing: Help your clients understand your processes better by providing them with relevant resources, guides, and roadmap descriptions.
  4. Roadmap Explanation: Through images, graphs, or videos, the chatbot can clearly explain the entire onboarding and campaign roadmap, setting clear expectations from the start.
  5. Communication Setup: No more hassles with setting up Slack channels or other communication platforms. The chatbot handles it all, answering any client questions along the way.
  6. Scheduling: Allow your clients to book appointments directly, ensuring timely follow-ups and personal interactions.
  7. Progress Updates: Keep your clients in the loop with regular status updates, fostering transparency and trust.

The Importance of Client Priming

At this stage, priming your clients is crucial. When clients are onboarded effectively on both a technical and emotional level, they tend to stick around 256% longer than those who aren’t.

Once the deal is sealed, it’s vital to reinforce their buying decision. Make sure your sales team is hyping them up and congratulating them on their smart choice!

Our bot takes care of the technical onboarding side, freeing up your team to focus on the emotional side – making your clients feel truly welcome and valued.

taking care of your clients when on boarding them

Ready to revolutionise your onboarding process and deliver an exceptional client experience?

Get in touch today to schedule a demo and see our Automated Onboarding Chatbot in action!

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