Provide instant support With an Airbnb Concierge

Our Airbnb AI Chatbots are here to help you provide immediate assistance to your guests’ questions and concerns, ensuring a seamless experience during their stay.

These smart assistants can integrate with any platform, such as, Agoda, Stayz, VRBO, your hotel or villa!

They provide exceptional automation solutions for hosts and businesses managing multiple properties.

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Instant Support At Your Guests' Fingertips

Managing multiple Airbnb properties can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Our innovative AI-powered support chatbot is here to ensure you provide immediate assistance, around the clock and in any language, for all your guests’ Airbnb-related queries.

It’s like having a 24/7 personal concierge, offering quick, accurate solutions and responses to guest inquiries.

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Provide immediate assistance to common guests' questions

Keep your guests informed without the wait. Our guest support chatbot offers instant responses to essential questions about bookings and property details.

Provide them with the information they need when they need it, so they can focus on enjoying their stay!

Time saved increase 100 %
Guest experience increase 200 %

Multilingual Airbnb Concierge

The ultimate hospitality companion, designed to seamlessly break down language barriers.

No matter the origin or language of your guests, our AI-driven concierge communicates with unmatched precision, ensuring every interaction is clear and accurate.

This not only elevates the guest experience by providing instant, personalized assistance around the clock but also positions your property as a truly global and inclusive haven.

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redirect guest requests​

Redirect guest requests

Don’t let leaks or broken appliances disrupt your guests’ experience. Our intelligent system promptly directs technical issues to the right service professionals.

Whether it’s guiding them to a nearby plumber or connecting them with an electrician, rest assured that your guests will always have an immediate solution at their fingertips.

Ensuring safety and peace of mind, our chatbot offers immediate access to emergency services or direct contact with hosts when urgent issues arise. For interactions needing the human touch, our handoff feature seamlessly bridges the gap.

Guest satisfaction 100 %
Time saved as a host 200 %

Your AI Local Guide

Use AI to transform your guests’ stay, suggesting premier local attractions and exceptional dining experiences tailored to their tastes.

Equipped with extensive local knowledge, our Airbnb Support Chatbot delivers valuable information about nearby attractions, dining options, and more.

The best thing is you can monetise these recommendations with affiliate links to further increase your revenue!

Your AI Local Guide

Benefits From Using Our Assistants

A support chatbot can transform Airbnb’s customer service, making it swifter, more intuitive, and economical.

At the same time, we preserve the essential human element by ensuring guests always have the option to speak with human agents when the personal touch is necessary.

Reduced Wait Times

Instant responses mean users don’t have to wait for a human agent.

Cost Efficiency

Reduces the need for a large human support team, saving on operational costs.

Consistent Responses

Offers standardised and consistent answers, ensuring brand consistency.

Global Reach

Serves users from all around the world without the need for a multinational support team.


Can handle a large volume of queries simultaneously, especially during peak times.

Increased User Satisfaction

Immediate and accurate responses can enhance the user experience.

See Results in Just 30 Days

Experience the transformation in your property management within the first 30 days. Our system is quick to implement and starts delivering results almost immediately, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Risk-Free Trial

We’re confident you’ll love the benefits our AI systems bring to your property management. We offer a 30-day refund guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund the cost of your chatbot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most important questions we often get from our potential clients

What does the Airbnb AI chatbot actually do?

An Airbnb AI chatbot is intended to automate and improve host-guest interactions. It can respond instantly to frequent visitor enquiries, aid with booking information, make local recommendations, and perform a variety of other chores, all while retaining the host’s distinct voice and style. The purpose is to improve the visitor experience and to make communication easier for hosts.

How is the chatbot tailored to my hosting style?

As part of our development process, we incorporate a comprehensive customisation phase in which we match the chatbot’s responses to your specific hosting voice, style, and values. You may give the bot unique answers, tones, or even local knowledge, ensuring that the chatbot feels like an extension of your hosting persona and branding.

How is your service different from the competition?

Our service is much more advanced than SaaS competitors offering a low monthly membership. Here is why we are better:

  • No memberships. You only pay once and decide if you want to hire us in the future to improve the bot.
  • You own the bot and your knowledge base. Unlike other services, you own your bot and the knowledge base associated with it, on which we do a thorough optimisation job!
  • Our bots can handle any language. By default, they will address guests in the main language used to setup the chatbot, but they can handle open questions in any language!
  • Our bots can provide interactive answers. They can provide guests with video tutorials or guides and can recommend products or services using a beautiful carousel design.
  • We offer premium, top-of-the-line features you will not find anywhere else! Our premium development plans offer advanced features such as more customisation options, the ability to handover the chat to a live human agent, and all our premium local guide and monetisation features.
Is there any technical knowledge required to incorporate this system into my Airbnb account?

Not at all! Keep in mind that due to limitations, we cannot embed your chatbot onto Airbnb website.
We provide you a link to your chatbot, and you can use this link anywhere you want so you can send it automatically to all your guests.
We provide many other options to embed your chatbot on your website, on WhatsApp or other social platforms if needed.
We can even show you how to create a beautiful AI QR code to provide to your guests!

How does the chatbot manage complex questions or issues that it is unable to resolve?

While our AI chatbot are trained to answer a wide range of enquiries, there may be times when a guest’s question is outside its scope. In such circumstances, the chatbot is programmed to identify its limitations and can send the guest to communicate directly with the host or another human support channel, ensuring that guests always get the help they require.

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