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You spend all that time, effort, and budget bringing qualified traffic to your website. Why not ensure this traffic converts? Our intelligent agents engage your visitors, answer their questions, and recommend products or services in real-time, maximising your sales potential.

In 2024, attention spans are shorter than ever. People don’t have the time or patience to read your long-form content.

They need instant answers to their most pressing questions. Our chatbots provide immediate responses, keeping your audience engaged and driving conversions.


Conversion increase on average


Customer retention increase


Increase in Time Spent on Site


Positive Feedback

Boost Your Earnings and Visitors' Satisfaction

Our chatbots can share your affiliate links, recommend your best products, increase time spent on site, reduce bounce rates, and are dynamic and versatile. 

They adapt to your audience’s needs, ensuring they stay engaged and informed.

Join the future of affiliate marketing with our cutting-edge chatbot solutions. Transform visitors into loyal customers with the power of AI-driven engagement.

Increase Customer Engagement

AI-powered virtual assistants can dramatically improve your customer engagement and retention rates. These smart chatbots interact with visitors through dynamic conversations, enhancing the customer experience at every stage.

Increase Time On Site

You’ll notice increased time spent on your website – a significant boost for SEO.
User metrics are very important signals you need to send to search engines to be successful in the HCU era.

Customer Support and FAQs

AI chatbots shine at handling common questions.

They can tackle a wide range of FAQs, from product details, product and pricing comparison, buyer guides to shipping information, ensuring visitors get quick, accurate responses around the clock.

Multi Channel Support

Our smart agents offer consistent support across multiple channels – your website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp – creating a seamless experience for your audience.

By automating these interactions, you’ll save time and resources while boosting your affiliate earnings.

Product Recommendations and Upselling

Product recommendations can take your affiliate marketing and dropshipping game to new heights.

AI-powered chatbots analyse customer data, browsing history, and purchase patterns to suggest tailored products.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Exclusive deals through AI-powered chatbots can give a major boost to your affiliate marketing and dropshipping efforts.

These smart digital assistants offer personalised discounts to users, ramping up engagement and driving sales.

Chatbots Can Handle Payments

By connecting payment systems directly to chat interfaces, customers can buy without leaving the conversation – streamlining their shopping experience and boosting sales.

Content Distribution

These intelligent digital assistants are top-notch at delivering content to users, making them invaluable for affiliate SEOs and dropshippers. These AI-powered helpers can share blog posts, product details, and case studies directly in chat conversations.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to our full suite of essential chatbot features, including multilingual support, voice and text interactions, a customisable dashboard with live chat access, seamless customer support handoff, lead generation capabilities, social media comments automation, integrated questionnaires, and much more. 

These features ensure your chatbot is not only engaging but also highly functional, catering to all your marketing and customer support needs.

Our chatbots are built to boost your earnings and streamline your operations

Your affiliate site can stand out with an advanced assistant that matches your brand voice and goals. It will handle routine inquiries, freeing you to focus on growth. 

The chatbot learns from each interaction, getting smarter over time to serve your audience better.

With multi-channel capabilities, it will connect with customers across your website, social media, and messaging apps – driving traffic and increasing affiliate commissions.

“If you are not leveraging these smart AI assistants on your affiliate website or dropshipping store, you are literally leaving money on the table”

Dorian Menard

Dorian Menard

CEO and affiliate website portfolio owner. Member of the Affiliate Lab.

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