Go High Level Chatbot: A Comprehensive Review and Why Our Bots are Better

our chatbots vs go high level chatbots

In the bustling world of digital marketing, Go High Level (GHL) has been making waves with its Conversation AI Bot. Touted as a game-changer for customer engagement, this chatbot promises to revolutionise how businesses interact with their clients. But does it live up to the hype?

As marketers and business owners flock to GHL, drawn by promises of seamless automation and AI-powered conversations, it’s time to take a closer look. In this article, we’ll peel back the layers of excitement surrounding the GHL chatbot, exploring its features, strengths, and limitations.

More importantly, we’ll compare it to custom-developed chatbot solutions offered by our team, that might just give GHL a run for its money. Buckle up as we separate fact from fiction and uncover whether this much-talked-about tool truly deserves its place in the AI chatbot spotlight.

Understanding Go High Level Chatbots

Go High Level’s Conversation AI Bot is designed to automate customer interactions across various channels.

go high level's conversation ai bot
Source Go high Level Documentation

Let’s explore its key features, advantages, and limitations.

Key Features

  1. Conversation AI Modes
    • OFF Mode: Inactive, but available for training and testing
    • Suggestive Mode: Bot suggests responses for user approval
    • Auto-pilot Mode: Bot responds automatically on behalf of the business
  2. Supported Channels
    • SMS
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Instagram Direct Messages
    • Web Chat (SMS Chat)
    • Live Chat
    • Google Business Profile (GBP)
  3. Bot Training
    • Training through web URLs and public links
    • Addition of Question and Answer pairs
    • Free training process
  4. Configurable Intents
    • General Support or Q&A
    • Appointment Booking with customisable questions
  5. Testing Capabilities
    • Free testing in the “Bot Trial” tab
    • Feedback mechanism for response refinement
  6. Workflow Integration
    • Customisable prompts within workflows
    • Conditional contact movement based on responses
    • Branching logic for contact replies
  7. Chat Widget
    • Support for Live Chat, SMS messaging, and WhatsApp
    • Easy installation on websites and funnels
    • Customisable user response notifications

Pros of Go High Level Chatbots

  1. User-friendly interface for setup and management
  2. No need for third-party software or subscriptions
  3. Support for multiple communication channels
  4. AI-powered accurate and contextual responses
  5. Integration with GHL’s CRM capabilities
  6. Free bot training and testing

The Go High Level Conversation AI Bot offers several notable advantages. Its user-friendly interface makes setup and management straightforward, even for those with limited technical expertise.

The bot supports multiple communication channels, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, allowing businesses to engage customers across various platforms. Integration with GHL’s CRM capabilities enables personalised interactions based on customer profiles, enhancing the overall user experience.

chartflow of a go high level chatbot
Chartflow of a bot made with Go High Level

The AI-powered responses provide accurate and contextually relevant information, automating routine tasks and potentially reducing operational costs.

Additionally, the free bot training and testing features allow users to fine-tune their chatbot’s performance without incurring extra expenses, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to dip their toes into AI-driven customer service.

Cons and Limitations

The Go High Level Conversation AI Bot, despite its popularity, faces several significant limitations. Customisation options are severely restricted, with scripted conversations, a single webchat widget per sub-account, and limited design flexibility.

The bot’s AI capabilities are constrained, seemingly relying solely on OpenAI models (we are not even certain, which models they do use). Channel support is inconsistent, with some features not working across all platforms. Users often find the bot-building interface unintuitive, and the training process is limited to web URLs, which can lead to suboptimal results due to scraper limitations. Cost is a major concern, with high markups on AI services and token costs.

The pricing structure, including usage-based and unlimited monthly plans, can become expensive for high-volume users.

Perhaps most critically, the bot is restricted to only two intents – General Support/Q&A and Appointment Booking – severely limiting its ability to handle complex, diverse customer interactions.

Limited Customisation

    • Lack of dynamic messaging per page – convos are really scripted
    • Only one webchat widget per sub-account
    • Lack of compatibility with external services (though GHL is a already a great swiss-army knife)
    • No customisations in term of design (icon, launcher and more)

    Not a lot of AI models available

    • Only OpenAI models seem to be available.

    Channel Restrictions

      • Some features (e.g., AI booking bot) limited to specific channels

      User Interface Challenges

        • Some users find the bot-building interface unintuitive

        Training and knowledge base limited to Web URLs or links

        • Using URLs to train chatbots is notoriously the worst option as these systems use scrapers who return everything located on the pages (including the code)

        Cost Concerns

          • Significant markup on AI services, token costs, leading to higher costs for advanced features

          Pricing Structure

            • Usage-based plan: $0.02 per message sent or suggestion shown
            • Unlimited monthly plan: $49 per subaccount
            • Additional costs for agencies looking to rebill clients

            Limited Intent Options

              • Restricted to only two intents:
              • Dynamic switching between intents is limited to appointment status changes
              • General Support or Q&A: Provides information based on training data
              • Appointment Booking: Asks customisable questions to book appointments

              These limitations collectively hamper the bot’s versatility and effectiveness in meeting diverse business needs.

              why our bots are better

              Why Our Custom-Developed Chatbots Offer Superior Solutions

              While Go High Level chatbots provide a solid foundation for basic automation, custom-developed chatbots offer significant advantages for businesses seeking more robust and flexible solutions.

              1. Enhanced Customisation

              Unlike GHL’s scripted conversations and limited widget options, our chatbots offer:

              • Dynamic messaging tailored to each page and user interaction
              • Multiple widget designs and placements per website
              • Extensive design customisation including icons, launchers, and overall aesthetics

              2. Advanced AI Integration

              We’re not limited to a single AI LLM provider:

              • We offer integration with multiple AI models beyond just OpenAI, including Claude, Gemini and Mistral
              • Ability to choose the best AI for specific tasks, enhancing performance and reducing costs

              We leverage more sophisticated language models and AI technologies, resulting in more natural and context-aware conversations. This leads to improved user engagement and satisfaction.

              3. Comprehensive Channel and Voice Support

              Unlike GHL’s limited channel options, our custom chatbots can be designed to support a wider range of platforms, including SMS, Phone Calls, Whatsapp, Telegram, and other niche channels relevant to your business.

              Our bots support either chat or voice both as input and output!

              3. Multilingual Abilities

              Our smart bots can handle ANY language you throw at them, whether you are using text or voice to interact with them. They are also pretty smart when it comes to switching from a language to another!

              4. User-Friendly Interface

              Our system makes managing your chatbots a breeze. We provide you with an access to a dashboard that allows you to access chat history and analytics, as well as the ability to handle live chat (takeover or handoff to the AI).

              5. Extensive External Integrations

              Our custom chatbots can be seamlessly integrated with a wide array of external tools and services, allowing for more complex workflows and data exchanges.

              All we need is your GHL API access and we can automatically transfer leads and customer data between your bot and your GHL account. Get the best of both worlds!

              6. Superior Training Methods

              Our knowledge base training goes beyond simple URL scraping:

              • Utilises advanced document processing and natural language understanding
              • Supports various input formats including PDFs, Word documents, and structured data which provided much better output

              This results in much accurate answers, especially if you need to process large amounts of data.

              7. Reduced “Scripted” Feel

              By leveraging advanced AI and natural language processing, our custom chatbots can provide more dynamic and less rigid interactions compared to GHL’s more structured approach.

              While our bots can use features like buttons and other tools allowing to “guide” the user, the overall result is much more dynamic and more conversational.

              8. Cost-Effective Pricing

              We offer transparent, value-driven pricing:

              • No hidden markups on AI services or token costs
              • Flexible pricing plans tailored to business needs and usage volumes

              We offer our customers a few millions of AI tokens each month and they can use their own key for any additional use they might have!

              9. Unlimited Intent Options

              Unlike GHL’s two-intent limitation, our chatbots offer:

              • Unlimited custom intents to handle a wide range of customer interactions
              • Dynamic intent switching based on context, not just appointment status

              Our bots can be used for lead generation, FAQs or customer support, appointment setting, real estate and much more!

              10. Seamless External Integrations

              Our chatbots play well with others:

              • Easy integration with external services and APIs
              • Ability to connect with CRM systems, databases, and other business tools


              While Go High Level chatbots offer a convenient solution for basic automation needs, they come with significant limitations in terms of customisation, channel support, and advanced features. For businesses looking to provide superior customer experiences and leverage the full potential of AI-driven conversations, custom-developed chatbots present a clear advantage.

              Custom solutions offer enhanced flexibility, more natural and dynamic conversations, broader integration capabilities, and the ability to scale with your business needs. By investing in a tailored chatbot solution, companies can ensure they’re not just meeting current customer service standards but exceeding them, paving the way for improved engagement, efficiency, and overall business growth.

              As AI technology continues to evolve, the gap between off-the-shelf solutions like GHL and custom-developed chatbots is likely to widen further. Businesses that prioritise cutting-edge conversational AI will find themselves better positioned to meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers in the digital age.

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